Pop Duo and Bands performing background and dance music for wedding and corporate events

Pop is certainly the most widespread music in the world today.
To choose a musical entertainment of this kind means to accompany the event with the best known melodies performed live.

Our pop singers, whether they perform as a duo in the classic piano bar formation, or in a band, offer a repertoire of evergreen international songs as well as a range of Italian and contemporary foreign songs including jazz and traditional tunes.

From the more discreet but always fascinating duo to the engaging band consisting of several elements, our Pop band accompanies your event with background music during the arrival of the guests only to become, when the dancing begins, more sweeping and rich of fun, with an up-beat repertoire.

– Pop Duo (male singer/keyboard, female singer)
– Pop Trio (male singer/keyboard, female singer, sax)
– Pop Trio (male singer/keyboard, female singer, guitar)
– Jazz&Pop Band (male singer/keyboard, female singer, sax, guitar, bass, drums)
– Brasilian Band (video)

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